Midnight Serenity Trend Winter 2009

Midnight Serenity makes you the warm, radiant center point of a savage, dying landscape during a cold, inclement period; tender with a dazzling power.

The eyes are the ‘eye’catcher of this Trend. The matt part of the Duo Eyeshadow Matt/Glitz can be used for emphasizing the eyes by using it as an eyeliner or in the arcade arch, but can also be used for creating smokey eyes by filling the whole eyelid. The glitter part of the Duo Eyeshadow Matt/Glitz completes and emphasizes the matt part and creates a sparkling finishing.

The Durable Eyeshadow Silverstar contrasts with the warm brown colours of the Duo Eyeshadow and makes you dream of wide icy landscapes. The Jewel Effects Shine are like ice crystals on your eyes.

In addition to the two new products team M-U-S-T included the full black Mascara Maximum Volume to finish the eyes with power. The long-lasting Durable Lip Fluid helps to keep the lips natural and light, but radiant because of the dazzling glimmer effect.