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    We provide advanced training in evolving make-up practices in an artistically stimulating and enjoyable environment. Students are trained by a bunch of renowned make-up experts critically acclaimed in India as well as overseas. Our students are felicitated with relevant certification after they complete the course. If you wish to kick start your career in the makeup industry or want to refine your skills by comprehending fresh insights, then MSTC is tailor-made for you. In addition to this, our course fees have been structured in such a manner that you can extract the maximum benefits from the program without punching a hole in your pocket.

    No of Opening : 7

    We understand the value of one-on-one attention that a mentor should impart to each student to ensure that each one of them can comprehend the training exclusively. With this in mind, we have kept the maximum strength of each session up to 15 learners only.

    No of Opening : 7

    We encourage all of the students graduating from MSTC for securing excellent positions in the make-up industry. Our institution holds an esteemed reputation in the entertainment and fashion industry which enables us to unbolt incalculable opportunities for our students. We also provide a step-by-step guide to our students orienting them about the process of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Our students have been able to secure some prominent positions before they have completed their course at MSTC.

    No of Opening : 7

    Why Join Us

    Make-Up Studio offers an extensive range of colours and textures enabling an individual to experiment with their own style of creating demeanours irrespective of their age, gender and individuality.

    The expansive product line reflects the idea of exploring the wide world of make-up and utilizing it to create looks that speak about the unique personality of the individual at play. The premium quality products of the brand promote the idea of exploring, discovering and creating.