Pro Master Make-Up Artistry Program (P1)

Wish to commence your career as a Make-up artist? Join our tailor-made Comprehensive Make-Up Artistry Course for young artists at MSTC.

Make-Up Studio Training Centre (MSTC) brings to you the very first step towards accomplishing your dream of becoming a Make-up artist. MSTC offers an array of assorted courses that aim at imparting professional knowledge of the craft to its enrollers. 

P1 + P2 (Combo Program)

Make-Up Studio Training Center brings to you a blend of make-up artistry and hairstyling course, ‘CMA and Hair (Combo)’. The course is conducted by experts from national and international provinces and the training is conducted on a daily basis in the academy pertaining to the experiential learning approach.

Pro Hairstyling Program (P2)

Have a knack for styling hair in amazing styles?
Take up an Intensive Hairstyling Course at MSTC and turn into a professional!

Make-Up Studio Training Centre offers an exclusive hairstyling course – Intensive Hairstyling Course. If your ambition is to be a professional hairstylist, our course at MSTC is the perfect answer to all your aspirations.

Pro Artistry in Make-Up & Hair

MSTC is thrilled to invite you to a professional level course at its academy. The course is open to anyone who wishes to enter the field of make-up or aspire to brush up their skills in make-up. The course revolves around creating contemporary and valiant make-up looks for brides and can be a bridge towards the world of fashion and movie industry.


For experienced Makeup Artists with basic knowledge of Makeup application

Certificate in Bridal Artistry

Certificate in Airbrush Artistry

Advance Bridal Trends