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About Make-Up Studio Training Center

Make-Up Studio Training Center (MSTC) is the training arm of Make-Up Studio Professional Amsterdam, a world renowned brand of professional make-up products and accessories in more than 70 countries. MSTC is a joint effort by Rienk Koopman of Special Cosmetics BV, Netherlands and Ravi Mittal of Ekta Cosmetics Ltd., New Delhi, India.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide advanced training in evolving make-up practices in an artistically stimulating and enjoyable environment. Students are trained by a bunch of renowned make-up experts critically acclaimed in India as well as overseas. Our students are felicitated with relevant certification after they complete the course. If you wish to kick start your career in the makeup industry or want to refine your skills by comprehending fresh insights, then MSTC is tailor-made for you. In addition to this, our course fees have been structured in such a manner that you can extract the maximum benefits from the program without punching a hole in your pocket.

We encourage all of the students graduating from MSTC for securing excellent positions in the make-up industry. Our institution holds an esteemed reputation in the entertainment and fashion industry which enables us to unbolt incalculable opportunities for our students. We also provide a step-by-step guide to our students orienting them about the process of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Our students have been able to secure some prominent positions before they have completed their course at MSTC.

The make-up studio training centre is authorized by VTCT and each one of our students gets certified with a Diploma certificate post aptitude evaluation by VTCT examiners. The accreditation certificate has worldwide acceptability and recognition and thus, plays a vital role in your career path.

After your training from MSTC, you can pursue the career path of being a make-up expert and artist in the bridal industry. The in-depth training at MSTC enables you to understand the complexities of bridal make-up efficiently. Many students of MSTC also opt for freelancing and are well renowned in their domain of make-up artistry. Apart from this, you can work as a consultant, skin and make-up expert, airbrush make-up specialist and the list of possibilities goes on.

We interact with each student individually, explaining and arranging the portfolio trial shoots for the students. This includes on-set etiquette and mode of conduct, photography ideas to initiate the portfolio of the student. All job opportunities that approach our institution are passed on to qualified students with suitable skills.


Words of our students


My self Uzma khan, by qualification is B.Ed. but now I can say, I am an artist too. After joining MSTC, I got everything like motivation, encouragement and self-confidence. I  had a wonderful teaching staff,  because a teacher is that person who can solve your problem in any way. My teachers i.e Sandeep Sir, Sonam & Deepti Ma’am were very supportive in every way. 


Hi everyone. I am Monika. The best decision I made was to join MSTC. The teaching staff is so kind and helpful. I have learned every product & technique in detail. Teachers taught me every product with usage.


Hi everyone my name is kavita. I love experimenting with make-up and I enjoy creating different looks. I joined MSTC to gain expertise in make-up. The trainers here are very helpful and experienced. They have a vast knowledge of the field. The classes here are really advanced.


Hello, I am parul. At MSTC I enjoy learning make-up techniques. The tools are very advanced here. The trainers have very vast knowledge and they were very patient with their students. The classrooms are filled with make-up tools and we don’t need to bring anything on our own.