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Our MSTC program, which is specially designed for ambitious applicants, exclusively focuses on preparing students for successful careers in fashion, advertising, television, film, or other glamorous industries is the best professional makeup artist course in Delhi. The objectives of MSTC are to encourage applicants to start their own businesses and to advance their makeup artistry abilities. The United Kingdom-based Vocational Training Charitable Trust has granted MSTC international certification. (VTCT). This organisation is the oldest in the beauty sector and truly the best institute for makeup artist course in Delhi. Candidates who select the MSTC programme will earn honors, qualifications, and certificates that are respected on a national and international level.

Scope of Job for this Makeup Artist Course in Delhi

Once you earn a degree in bridal makeup artistry, you will have access to a variety of employment prospects. You may begin by promoting yourself as a freelancer. Because MSTC provides such vast knowledge in the field, this is the best makeup artist course in Delhi and you will never run out of projects.

You can run a business where you can serve as a consultant and suggest the best makeup to brides in addition to freelancing. You can later offer make-up services in accordance with that.

After completing a course with MSTC’s best professional makeup artist course in Delhi, you can work as a specialized bridal makeup artist in a studio or beauty salon and serve the clients of such establishments. This often provides stability and financial security as a source of income.

Prerequisites about this Makeup Artist Course in Delhi

  • Age Requirement: 18+
  • Education: 12th
  • Experience: Experience required only for Individual courses 
  • Skills: Makeup skills required only for Individual courses
  • Portfolio: Portfolio of professional artists only for Individual courses
  • Language: English and Hindi

Our Best Makeup Artist Course in Delhi


A theoretical and practical introduction to the makeup industry is included in this best professional makeup artist course in Delhi. The fundamentals of advanced makeup are covered in this course, along with information on various skin types, color theory, appropriate skincare, product knowledge, facial analysis, and proper techniques. Other topics covered include playing with color, highlighting and shading, proper tool sanitization, and cosmetic research and analysis. 

Professional makeup artist course in Delhi fees for this course:

₹ 1,18,000 (₹1,00,000 + 18% GST)


The CMA and Intensive Hairstyling course introduces students to the theory of makeup and hairstyling and covers subjects like different skin types, color theory, understanding of precise and appropriate skin care, product knowledge, facial analysis and its proper measures, highlighting and shading, playing with the hues, properly sanitizing the tools, and cosmetic research and analysis.

Professional makeup artist course in Delhi fees for this course:

₹ 1,47,500 (₹ 1,25,000 + 18% GST )


Have a talent for creating beautiful hairstyles? Become a pro by enrolling in an intensive hairstyling makeup artist course in Delhi at MSTC. You will learn how to create numerous hairstyles for a variety of events during the course. Learn how to choose the best hairstyles for your clients by taking this course. We will start  with the fundamentals before moving on to more complex methods. The goal of this hairstyling course in Delhi is to help makeup artists build a diverse professional portfolio and skill set.

Professional makeup artist course in Delhi fees for this course:

 ₹ 45,430 (₹ 38,500 + 18% GST )


This makeup course in Delhi, known as “Pro Artistry: Make-Up and Hair,” puts its students through a rigorous 20-day training period. It begins with theoretical knowledge like tools of the trade, color theory, etc., and then covers techniques for skin prep, application of flawless base makeup, color correction, Sagan bridal looks, modern bridal looks, airbrush techniques etc. It also covers the fundamentals of hairstyling. 

Professional makeup artist course in Delhi Fees for this course:

 ₹ 53,100 (₹ 45,000 + 18% GST )

Individual Courses

For makeup artists with experience who are familiar with the fundamentals of makeup.


The MSTC Bridal Makeup Artist course in Delhi promises to polish you into a professional with a solid understanding of the theories and fundamentals of makeup. It blends technical proficiency with creativity. The group of educators at MSTC are experts in almost all facets of bridal makeup artistry, therefore the instruction includes regional traditional bridal makeup, a Sagan Day makeup style, and a theme-based bridal beauty look. You can sign up for classes there since it has locations all throughout the nation, including Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

Makeup artist course in Delhi fees structure for this course:

 ₹ 17,700 (₹15,000 + 18% GST )


The in-depth and commercially oriented airbrush makeup classes begin with a basic knowledge of how to handle an airbrush gun before carefully moving on to foundation creation, concealing, emphasizing face features, and finally contouring with blush and bronzers. After the student is comfortable with the applications of airbrush techniques, the trainers in this makeup artist course in Delhi help makeup artists specialize in fields of art including bridal airbrush makeup, occasion makeup, party makeup, and fashion & media makeup.

Makeup artist course in Delhi fees structure for this course:

 ₹17,700 ( ₹15,000 + 18% GST)


Bridal hair and cosmetics are covered in this makeup artist course in Delhi called Bridal Trends. The course is divided into 5 days, each with a different methodology.

The Day Bride, Arabic Bridal Look, and Reception Look are all topics covered in the course. In order to assist our students in completing their bridal looks, we also cover a variety of hairstyles with each makeup demonstration.

Makeup artist course in Delhi fees structure for this course:

 ₹23,600 (₹20,000 + 18% GST )


Any age bar to enroll in this Makeup Artist course in Delhi?

The minimum age requirement for the courses is 18+

Do I need any qualifications or previous experience in make-up to enroll in this Makeup Artist course in Delhi?

There is no previous experience required for the long courses, except for the individual courses.

How do I enroll?

You can enroll by registering yourself for the course. You can get in touch with the team at +91-991 003 4597 or WhatsApp them at +91-991 003 4597 or even mail them at [email protected]

Is there any material fee for this Makeup Artist course in Delhi?

You will get the makeup products for free for the courses.

Does the makeup training center have any accreditation?

Yes MSTC is the best institute for makeup artist course in Delhi. MSTC has internal accreditation from the UK-based Vocational Training Charitable Trust. (VTCT). The cosmetics industry’s oldest awards body is this one. The qualifications MSTC issues are recognized both domestically and internationally. The important certification requirements are defined by HABIA, a body established by the UK government to develop standards for the hair and beauty industries. We offer our students the VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Make-Up Artistry, which is administered and graded by our internal VTCT Assessor and Internal Quality Assurer, in order to meet these strict requirements imposed by the awarding organization.

Will the course help me to find work after this Makeup Artist course in Delhi?

Yes. You can work as a freelancer, or in a beauty salon or studio as a specialised makeup artist.

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