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P1 + P2 (Combo Program)

Make-Up Studio Training Center brings to you a blend of make-up artistry and hairstyling course, ‘CMA and Hair (Combo)’. The course is conducted by experts from national and international provinces and the training is conducted on a daily basis in the academy pertaining to the experiential learning approach. If your ambition is to be a professional MUA and hair stylist, our course at MSTC is the perfect answer to all your aspirations. The academy has carefully designed techniques and curriculum which is perfect for beginners as well as experts.

The course, CMA and Intensive Hairstyling introduces the students to make-up and hairstyling theoretically and covers concepts such as different kinds of skin, colour theory, comprehension of precise and apposite skin care, knowledge of the products, facial analysis and its correct measures, highlighting and shading, playing with the hues, proper sanitization of the tools, cosmetic research and analysis. It also provides the knowledge of a variety of professional make-up products and their respective application techniques. In addition to this, our team of specially picked trainers has been professionally working in the beauty and hair industry for over a decade and now aspire to divulge the skill set amongst our students through MSTC.

Another exposure that the course guarantees to deliver is of dealing with the clients. It makes sure that you are prepared for all the aspects of the make-up artistry profession so it trains you to the tricks of consulting with the clients, negotiating with them and dealing with their queries.

During the course, you will be trained to create different hairstyles for various occasions. We will work one on one with you as you learn, beginning with the basics and then progressing into more advanced techniques. Our curriculum is perfect for artists who are pursuing work in bridal, private clients, special occasion, fashion, and film. The benefits of this course provide extended career opportunities, increasing your professional skills.


Learning make-up & hair helps you to style the overall look of the client with extra satisfactory results. You will surely have more opportunities if you master in both make-up & hair.

Topics covered under make-up:

  • Role of a Make-up Artist?
  • Career and Various Fields
  • Tools of the Trade, Health and Safety Practices
  • Evolution of Make-Up
  • Basics of Skin, Face Anatomy, Colour Theory
  • Product Knowledge
  • Colour Correction & Facial Correction
  • Basics of Foundations
  • Principles of Glamour Make-up
  • Basic Eye Make-up- 2-tone, 3-tone
  • Monochromatic & Polychromatic Eyeshadow Application
  • Classic Smokey, Gradient Smokey, Shimmery Smokey Eyes
  • Different styles of eyeliners
  • False Lashes, Eyebrow shaping & Glitter Application
  • Working with Liquid Foundations
  • Face Enhancements- Highlighting, Contouring, Blusher
  • Lip Filling- Nude to Deep
  • Make-up for Mature Skin
  • Make-up for Males
  • Concepts of Bridal Make-Up
  • Sagan/Engagement Bride
  • Traditional Bride
  • Reception/Cocktail bride
  • Art of Airbrushing
  • Airbrush Machine Maintenance & Usage
  • Glam Airbrush Look
  • Bridal Airbrush Look
  • Art of Fashion Make-up- Runway Looks, Face Charts
  • Period Make-Up, Avant Garde
  • Natural vs. Neutral
  • Art of Fantasy Make-up
  • Theatrical & Theme Based Looks
  • Basics of SFX- Cuts, Burns, Bruise
  • How to make your CV?
  • Portfolio Development

Topics covered under hairstyling are:

  • Product & Tools of the Trade, Hair Textures, Shampoo & Conditioning
  • Techniques of Blow Dry
  • Use of Velcro Rollers
  • Open Hair Styling, Use of Hot Rollers
  • Different Styles of Braids: Regular, French, Fish Tail, Water Fall, Dutch Braid
  • Techniques of Back Combing (Tease with Ease)
  • Messy Buns (Side & High)
  • Basic & Advance Bridal Bun, French Bun
  • Types of Ponytails: Sleek, Unicorn or Fish
  • Buns with Lining Technique
  • Hollywood Waves Styling
  • Criss Cross Waves Styling
  • Vintage Waves Styling
  • Mermaid Inspired Hairstyling
Education Hours

Monday to Saturday from 10 AM – 5 PM

Total Duration : 56 Days

Education Hours : 392 Hours

Total Education Fee

₹ 1,47,500 (₹ 1,25,000 + 18% GST )

Payment Plan
  • Registration Amount : ₹ 10,000 (It is the part of total course fee).
  • First Payment: ₹ 70,000 ( On the 1st day of class)
  • Second Payment: ₹ 67,500 (On 4th Day of class)


Come with a creative mind Let us take care of everything else.

Course Includes :

  1. Theory Notebook
  2. 19 pcs Professional Brush Set for practice.
  3. Unlimited use of Make-Up Products.
  4. Essentials for Your Workstation.
  5. 2 Professional Photo-Shoots
  6. Photo-Shoot Models & Garments
  7. Recognized Certification.
  8. Career Guidance

Delhi Training Center:

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Kolkata Training Center:

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*Dates Subject to change depending on the government rules on Covid19 precautions for Educational Institutions in India.

Looking forward to gaining proficiency in hair and makeup? Makeup Studio Training Centre introduces the perfect amalgamation of makeup and hairstyling course from renowned experts, we’ve got you covered for every nitty-gritty you wish to learn. Step into the world of glamor, where you can get exposure to global fashion and master the art of eye-popping fantasy makeup, pick between vintage or traditional bridal makeup. You get to experience a magical world where you get to learn from the hands of pioneers. Be prepped up for mastering 3 tone makeup, different eyeliner styles, makeup for males and mature skin and latest eye-popping hairdos. Sharpen the art of braids, updos, buns, hollywood and criss cross waves.

The course is inclusive of theory notebook, 19 pieces Professional brush set for practice, essentials for your workstation, 2 professional photo-shoots, recognized certification, career guidance, unlimited use of makeup products. Enroll now.

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