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Spray plays a crucial role in make-up because it provides a finishing touch to the makeup and increases its durability. It gives your makeup a finished look. Setting spray and fixing spray are mostly make-up products, but sometimes people get confused about their functions. Do you think that fixing and setting spray are the same? There is a slight difference between both of them, and this blog will help you make a sharp contrast between fixing and setting spray. MSTC provides the best sprays and airbrush makeup classes for you.

Fixing spray is a cosmetic product that is applied over makeup. It provides durability to your makeup and ensures a finishing look. As the name suggests, this spray fixes your makeup. On the other hand, setting spray sets your makeup. It is used in the last step and provides a final touch to your makeup. You must know the use of spray and airbrush, which you can learn from airbrush makeup classes.

Fixing spray keeps your makeup durable and prevents it from getting spoiled. On the other hand, setting spray provides a natural and finished makeup look. Don’t need to wait anymore; you can glam up your beauty by using these sprays.

How do I apply fixing spray?

If you want durable makeup with a finished look, then applying a makeup fixing spray can help. The steps of the application are as follows:

  • Shake the makeup fixer bottle: You need to shake the bottle first before applying the makeup fixer to your face.
  • Apply after your makeup is done. Fixing spray always applies at the end. Once your makeup is completed, you need to spray it.
  • Use it by maintaining a distance from the face: You need to keep it away from your face while applying. It must be sprayed in an ‘X’ shape so that it can cover your whole face.
  • Leave it to get dry: Once you apply the fixing spray, you need to leave it to get dry. After it gets dry, fixing the spray will give your face a finished look.

How to apply setting spray

The process of applying setting spray is similar to that of applying finish spray.

  • Shake the setting spray bottle: You need to shake the bottle so that ingredients get mixed and fixed spray can be applied in a better way.
  • Apply after completing your makeup. The setting spray also needs to be applied after completing your makeup. It gives a natural look to your makeup.
  • Using style: You need to use this spray in X and T shapes. This will provide better coverage for your face.
  • Keep it dry: After applying the spray, you just need to keep it dry.

You can have pro artistry in makeup and hair by taking a professional makeup artist course.

Difference between fixing and setting spray

  • Fixing spray assists in fixing your makeup and providing longevity. It covers all your day’s activities and keeps your skin hydrated and glamorous. It can be easily used, and it also gets dry easier when setting sprays.
  • Fixing makeup keeps your makeup durable without getting affected by dirt and sweat. It prevents your makeup from melting.
  • In comparison, setting spray plays a different role in make-up. It keeps your make-up long-lasting and keeps your face hydrated. It prevents your makeup from getting dry and from melting.
  • Setting spray ensures a finished look on your face. Setting spray doesn’t provide much longevity in comparison to fixer spray.
  • You need to keep the make-up fixer 6 inches away, whereas the setting spray must be 10 inches away while applied to the face.

There are various products available on the market that can confuse you. But you need to choose a spray that is most suitable for your skin type. MSTC provides airbrush makeup classes where you can learn product-related information.


It is necessary to understand the difference between fixing and setting spray. Both sprays have some similarities in that they are applied after completing your makeup. Both sprays have slight differences as well. Where Fix Spray provides durability to makeup, in its comparison setting, Fix Spray provides a hydrating look to your makeup that prevents it from getting dry and melting down. A professional makeup artist course can help you learn the details of makeup products and their application on the face. It won’t be justified to suggest any one spray to you, but you can prefer these sprays by considering the type of your skin and the purpose of your makeup.

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