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If you want to do some exciting makeup, then you can create an older look with makeup. This makeup can give you an older look. You can make wrinkles on your face. It is an art to do different types of makeup. If you want to know how you look after getting older, then you can try this makeup. If you’re a theatre artist, then you must have knowledge about this type of makeup, which can give an older look to someone. It sounds difficult in comparison to the common makeup, but it is easier in the application. The best professional makeup academy, like Makeup Studio India, can help you achieve your dream older look.

How do I apply makeup? 

Create base 

You have to follow various steps to create an older look. You have to follow steps like a base through foundation, creating wrinkles and highlighting the eyes, nose, upper mouth, lips, and so on. By following these steps, you can achieve perfect old-age looks.

  • You need to cleanse your face and apply a base foundation to your skin. You should apply a lighter foundation shade than the original because older skin gets pigmented with time.
  • After applying a lighter-toned foundation, you need to blend it with a makeup brush or sponge. You need to lock it with a lighter layer of translucent powder.

Dark circles 

You need to apply brown eyeshadow around your mouth area, which can create patches and dark circles on your face. You can use a brown, creamy liner to create wrinkles on the face.


Wrinkles can be created by using brown eyeshadow. You need to follow the original lines and folds of your face, which can help you create an original wrinkled look.

Upper mouth and chin area

After wrinkles, you need to extend the lines below your nostrils with dark brown eyeshadow or liner. This area gets deeper with age, and to highlight this area, you need to extend the line down your nostrils to the area outside your chin. You need to blend this for a better and more original look.


After completing the wrinkles in the upper mouth and chin areas, you should start working on the eye area. To create an original older look, you need to follow the original lines over the lower part of the eyes and cheekbones. Then you need to draw a line towards the inner corner of your eyes and eyebrows. Your eyes will appear sagging and blue as a result of this.

You need to extend these wrinkles around the eyes and nose. You can also draw a line at the outer edge of your eyes that will sharply highlight the older effects. You should blend the drawn line to give it an original look.

Sharp nose look

The nose of older people is harsher, with lots of lines. You should create a line on the sides of the nose by using a dark brown shade to draw these lines. It can give a sharp old look by blending it gently. You can attain the natural, old look.


You need to create a shaggy look for the lips. You should trace the natural appearance of fine lines on your lips. You need to fill these lines with dark brown eyeliner or eyeshadow above your lips. You can blend it through your fingers as well. You can apply darker lip shades, as older ladies used to do to highlight their lips. After following all these steps, you can observe an exciting older look. That will give you a perfect older age idea. 

Which academy do you prefer for this look?

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These are the steps that you can follow to have an older look. A makeup studio training center offers makeup artists and open hair styling courses in Delhi. You can get an older look by creating artificial wrinkles through dark brown shadows or liners. If you want to get an older look from any studio, you can also refer to the Makeup studio training center. 

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