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Choosing an absolute foundation can be a daunting task, considering the numerous options available in the market. You can Start the process by looking at your skin type. This skin consideration is essential as it determines the formula that will work wonders for your face. Foundations with matte, creamy, or stick formulations can be adopted according to the type of your skin. Expectations of a foundation can vary from person to person. However, a foundation should provide decent coverage by covering flaws without having to apply too much. A long-lasting foundation will be best for heavy working days, where you don’t have to touch up your face. Enrolling in a makeup artist course in Delhi will help you understand the logic behind choosing the absolute foundation shade.

Learn about Undertones

Undertones knowledge can be very helpful in selecting a Perfect color foundation for your face. Undertones are not related to skin color, because skin color can change due to different environmental factors, such as tanning, winter, weight loss, etc. The undertones however remain the same. undertones can be categorized as warm, neutral, and cool.

  • Warm undertone: A warm undertone describes your skin as peachy, yellow, or golden tone to your face.
  • Cool undertone: Skin types with cool undertones have pink, red, and bluish shades to their body.
  • Neutral undertones: There is no distinct undertone found for these people. It’s simply the balance of warm and cool undertones. 

Look for Your Skin Type

There are various consistencies and ingredients in which foundations can be found in the market. To choose the best one for you, understanding skin type is essential. Skin type refers to the character of your skin as oily, dry, sensitive, combination, or neutral. Special consideration should be taken in case of sensitive and oily skin. Choose a foundation that balances your skin type.

Be Clear About the Coverage

There are several looks one can create with makeup foundations. Sometimes you wish to get a natural look and other times special full coverage looks to cover skin flaws. There’s a need to look for the coverage provided by foundations. Foundations can be found in full coverage, medium coverage to minimal coverage packaging. It’s a crucial part of makeup which you can learn by searching for a makeup artist course in delhi near me to get the best makeup courses to teach the basics of foundation selection. 

Where to Swatch the Foundation

People often mistake their foundation by swatching around their hands, forearms, or cheeks. Each body segment is differently exposed to sun and other factors causing changes in skin tone. Sometimes the foundation you select by swatching your cheek doesn’t match your neck making it look unnatural. The best method to swatch is to take two similar colors of foundation and swatch from your cheek down toward your neck. 

Consider the Natural and Artificial Lighting 

The best makeup artist course in Delhi will teach how lighting can affect the selection of your makeup foundation. The color appears distinct in natural and artificial light. Some stores have bright yellow lighting and some may have white lighting. Prefer to check the swatches in natural light.

Online Tools for Choosing an Accurate Shade

Enrolling in a Makeup artist course in Delhi is the best way to learn the art of selecting the best foundation through online tools. Various websites provide the service of testing the foundation virtually. 


Foundation formulations play a crucial role in your final makeup look. So always consider if the foundation is in stick form, cream form, or spray form. There are different uses for each type of formulation. Choose the one which is most convenient and has better longevity.

Be Clear About the Brands that Suit you 

There could be certain brands using different ingredients, but not everything suits every person. Delhi makeup artist course can teach you the brands that work on different populations.

Combination Products

Foundation is the initial or sometimes only step for makeup, always look for products you are going to use in combination. Such as blush, concealer, highlighter, etc these products shouldn’t change the color of your foundation.

Application Methods

Foundation consistencies determine the application methods. For cream-based foundations using a makeup sponge is the best method to blend the product into your face. However, stick formulations are thick and may require the use of a brush or need to be combined with moisturizer.


Selecting a foundation is crucial for makeup enthusiasts. Enrolling in Makeup studio India best  make-up artist course in Delhi can benefit getting professional skills.

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