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Nude makeup is one of the most elegant beauty trends. Nude makeup is all about getting a naturally enhanced look that highlights your features without appearing overly done. To master the skill of nude makeup you can start with a smooth makeup, base. This can be done using a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer. Conceal marks or uneven skin color with a matching concealer to your skin color. Nude makeup is a skill that can be achieved through professional guidance. You can apply for a makeup course in Delhi to get training from makeup experts to nail nude makeup. Let’s learn about 10 such steps you can follow to achieve the best nude makeup look.

Preparing the skin for makeup: 

Nude makeup is almost like natural skin but with extra brightness and enhanced facial features. For that, you must adopt some practices to keep your skin clean and imperfections-free to avoid using heavy makeup. The best institute for makeup artists in delhi can train you regarding skin prep techniques professionally:

  • Cleansing face: Clean your face with a chemical-free face wash, especially if you have excess oil production. Those with sensitive skin can choose an organic face cleanser or face wash.
  • Exfoliation of face: Scrubbing is not a mandatory process for makeup but it will help to scrape off dead skin. It will make your skin soft and ready to put makeup on. 
  • Toning: Use a toner after cleaning to balance your skin texture and hydrate your skin. Let the toner sit for some time to get absorbed on your face.
  • Hydration: Moisturization of the face is a necessity to create a nude makeup look. This prevents the makeup from looking dull and flaky.
  • Primer: We all have pores, and some people have deep, open pores; a primer will help blur your pores to get a flat base.
  • Sunscreen: We must incorporate sunscreen to protect from sun and UV light.

Foundation application:

Choose a quality foundation that matches exactly your skin to create a flawless finish on your skin. You can also choose a tinted cream or BB cream if you don’t have many imperfections to cover.

Concealer application:

Concealing your skin imperfection is the most needed step for a nude makeup look. Choose a concealer that relates to your skin color. Put the concealer under your eyes, around dark areas, and acne or marks. Let it sit and then blend for a good finish.

Setting your makeup base: 

To keep your makeup foundation last long, you must use finishing powder to set it. The most appropriate is to use translucent powder. MSTC is the best institute for makeup artist in Delhi. It will teach you the technique to set a makeup base.

Bronzer and Blush application:

You can apply bronzer if you have used full coverage foundation, otherwise you can skip this step. Take a blush that will complement your skin color. Put a generous amount of brush and apply around your cheeks. There are several techniques to apply blush that a makeup institute in Delhi can teach you.

Filling Eyebrows:

Eyebrows give dimension to your face. Eyebrow shape and depth can change the way you look. If you have thin eyebrows, fill them using a dark eyebrow pencil. Use lighter strokes, and build the color if needed. Eyebrow shaping and filling is an essential makeup skill that anyone can learn by searching for a makeup academy near me with fees to get affordable makeup training. 

Eye Shadow Technique: 

You should opt for warm tones and basic colors for eyeshadow for a nude makeup look. Fill the crease using a fluffy brush, keeping the color light and minimal. Makeup course in Delhi can train you to get skilled in eye shadow application.

Eyeliner look:

Eyeliner is an optional step, if you want a party nude look apply thick winged eyeliner. If you are planning to do nude makeup for the daytime, apply thin eyeliner with minimal wings.


For nude makeup look defined and thick eyelashes are a prominent attraction. Apply a volume mascara over your upper and lower eyelashes. Build the pigment by applying extra coats of mascara till you feel satisfied.

Finish the lips:

For a nude makeup look you can go with a tinted lip balm. If you have pigmented lips, you can apply a nude peach or pink lipstick to finish your look.


Join makeup course in Delhi to practice best nude makeup looks. Nude makeup is the best way to learn natural and professional looks.

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