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Learning new skills to establish yourself and earn is important for everyone. Many skills add to your value and provide you with a strong footprint for a long-lasting career. Pro artistry in make-up & hair is another one of the finest options to choose from. The course offers you practical skills as well as industry insights to establish yourself. If you want to establish your career in the makeup and hair sector, it can offer you many aspects. To provide you with more details about the course and why you can opt, this article is for you. 

Pro Artistry Make-Up & Hair Course 

The course is provided by the best hair styling academy in Delhi, MSTC. It is a professional-level course open for anyone who wants to learn makeup and hair skills to start their career. The courses act as a source of information to acquire quality skills, information about the fashion and movie industry as well as a way to enter the industries. The 20-day long course focuses on an in-depth understanding of make-up and hair styling techniques. You will learn about various tools, colour theory, products, and more theoretically. In practical terms, you will learn how to create a make-up base, a traditional bridal look, basic hair knowledge, using various hair tools, party looks, and more. The makeup artist certification course provides a balanced mix of practical and theoretical aspects of makeup and hair styling. 

Here are some of the reasons why you can choose pro artistry in make-up & hair course: 

Detailed curriculum: The best part about the course is its curriculum which offers detailed analysis of the makeup and hair industry. The academy has designed a 20-day course curriculum in a way to accommodates all crucial details about the makeup and hair industry. To provide a better idea, here is a glimpse of the curriculum offered: 

  • Theory to build basics: The curriculum consists of a few theoretical aspects that are critical to building basics for makeup or hair stylists. These include product information, knowledge about various tools and equipment and how they work, and colour theory. Colour theory is one of the crucial elements that will allow students to be creative with appealing results. 
  • Preparation: Skin prep and colour corrections can make or break any makeup. Whether it’s nude makeup, party makeup, or bridal makeup, skin prep can make your overall look flawless. When learning makeup skills, skin preparation is an important step, this course will help you learn various techniques of skin preparation. 
  • Make-up techniques: To provide understanding and hands-on experience with various makeup looks, the course will provide information on various makeup techniques. Students will learn bridal makeup, party makeup, traditional arab makeup, and more. So, you can mix and match these techniques to be creative with your information.  
  • Hair tools and styling: The course also provides a detailed understanding of various hair styling tools, how they work, and how they will affect various hairstyles. Students will also learn about basic hair styling knowledge, and various styles so they can create their own using these techniques. The course is one of the best hair styling course in Delhi to learn from industry experts. 

Industry expertise: MSTC has been offering a range of courses over the years to provide industry insights and skills. The pro artistry in make-up & hair course is designed and taught by industry experts. Students can learn and work in various industries with these skilled courses. Moreover, experts provide guidance on industries, tips to start a career in industries, and more. 

Affordable payment plan: The course has an affordable payment plan to ensure students learn makeup and hair styling skills at an economical cost. Moreover, you can pay in instalments; three instalment options are provided when it comes to payment plans. You can either pay for a complete course or in instalments depending on your requirements. 

Focused short course: Many people believe learning through short courses is not worth it, but when it comes to skills like makeup and hair styling, short courses fit perfectly. The course does not include any lengthy unnecessary details that you may rarely or may not use in your career. Short courses are provided with a focused curriculum that provides skills and details to ensure students are well-versed in makeup and hair styling. 


The course is one of the top courses in Delhi to pursue your career in one of the finest academies for makeup and hair styling. You will learn details of both industries, skills, and hands-on experience with makeup and hairstyle course. So, you can check out MSTC for varied makeup and hair styling courses. 

MSTC is one of the top academies in Delhi providing makeup and hair styling courses, so you can visit the official platform to know more.

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