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One thing is constant in the beauty industry, regardless of whether you’re a skilled bridal makeup artist or an eager student fresh out of beauty school: maintaining a steady clientele is essential.

If you’re wondering how to find clients as a makeup artist, we got you covered. Here are a few ways to keep getting clients as a professional makeup artist:

  • Boost Your Online Presence on Social Media: Increasing your social presence is a wonderful place to start when you’re looking to figure out how to obtain more clients as a makeup artist. The process may appear daunting and challenging at first if you’re new to social media and you may be tempted to give up but fortunately, with a few straightforward guidelines, anyone can quickly become a social media sensation (or at least, begin to increase your presence and drum up some business for your freelance makeup artist career).
    • Select Your Platform: You can choose from a plethora of popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or Pinterest. Ask some of your clients what they use and why to get some direction on which platform your target demographic goes to on social media.
    • Set a target: Setting objectives, especially for social media, is a crucial component of being a successful freelance makeup artist. Identify if your intention is to secure new clients or a thrilling new cosmetics gig, to satisfy current customers with tutorials, or to simply get your name out there and develop relationships in the beauty industry? When you focus on a specific objective, things begin to work out for you in that direction.
    • Create a Strategy: Having a content creation strategy will help you with your goal to obtain more clients as well as keep you relevant on social media. Here are some suggestions you can add to your content calendar.
      Post Products: A great method to keep your customers interested and spread your beauty knowledge is to post goods and products that you love.
      Post-Client Photographs: Ask your client whether you can take some photos for social media after your session is over as this helps your audience see your work first hand.
      Post tutorials: A professional tutorial is a great approach to demonstrate your beauty expertise and establish a connection with your audience.
  • Develop Your Portfolio: One of the most important things to accomplish while you develop your strategy for getting more clients is to develop and advertise your portfolio. A makeup artist portfolio not only showcases your greatest work, but it also serves as a reference for potential clients, encouraging them to book your services. Also remember your website or portfolio should be updated frequently. Keep in mind that you want your clients to see you at your finest. Make sure your reputation and testimonials reflect your professional development and expertise as a makeup artist.
  • Visit events or expos for makeup: Makeup expos and events are an easy way to network, making them a helpful resource for increasing your clientele as a makeup artist! Since the beauty business is all about connections, reaching out and participating in events will help you build your clientele. With your events, you can undoubtedly take a broad approach, but it’s also beneficial to consider your particular niche. Are you drawn to dramatic makeup, makeup for special effects, or outrageous glam? Find events that match your interests and skill set by narrowing down your search. You’ll have a better chance of meeting potential clients if you do that.
  • Do Project Shoots or Creative Photoshoots: Project or creative shoots are not only entertaining and artistically stimulating, but they are also a good method to gain visibility. One of the finest methods for attracting potential clients as a makeup artist is to connect with influencers or content creators on social media. Planning beforehand is crucial even if you aren’t hiring a professional photographer or doing a very elaborate shoot.
    • Relationships to Beauty Schools: Reach out to everyone you know from beauty school via social media, phone, or email.
    • Keep it Genuine: Few meaningful connections are more significant than many connections that aren’t all that significant. Put your energy into developing sincere and real connections with makeup artists.
    • Word-of-Mouth Promotion: Use word-of-mouth promotion to support the growth of your fellow makeup artists. Establish Business Relationships: Building ties within the beauty industry is crucial if you wish to work as a makeup artist. Connecting with other qualified makeup artists is the ideal place to start if you’re looking to figure out how to attract potential clients as a makeup artist. Here are some pointers for developing connections as a self-employed makeup artist:

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