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The makeup industry is a lucrative one, and there are many exciting opportunities for aspiring makeup professionals. Due to the boom in the beauty industry, more and more job opportunities are opening up for makeup lovers. Makeup artistry is now becoming one of the strongest and lucrative career choices. There are diverse career choices for makeup artists, and that is the reason why many makeup lovers now enroll in professional makeup courses.

Following are a few career options for Makeup Artists:

1. Bridal Makeup Artist

This is an excellent career option for freelance makeup artists. Every bride dreams to look gorgeous on her wedding day. This is the reason why most brides want a professional and skilled makeup artist to do their makeup on their big day. Also, during the wedding, you will get to do the makeup of the bride’s mother, bridesmaids, and many people will need your services. Hence, this is a very financially rewarding career for makeup artists.

2. Freelance Makeup Artist

These days, many people are going for freelancing career opportunities because it gives them the freedom to work independently and have flexible working hours. As a freelance makeup artist, you will be an independent business owner, and there are no limitations to what you can achieve as a freelance makeup artist. You can work in different niches and with different clients as a freelancer.  Freelancing will open many doors for you, and so if you want to have a flexible work schedule, do not hesitate to try freelancing.

3. Stage and Theater Makeup Artist

Many people become stage and theatre makeup artists after completion of their makeup artistry course. Theatrical makeup is all about creating the appearance of the characters that the actors portray during a theatre production.

As a stage makeup artist, you will have to create such stunning makeup looks that the audience loves. A theatre is huge, and so it is essential that you learn different techniques of makeup to enhance the physical features of the actors.

4. Salon and Spa Makeup Artist

Makeup artists can also work in a salon or a spa alongside cosmetologists, estheticians and other professionals. Working in this type of setup will give you an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills to many people and build your makeup clientele.

5. Print Makeup Artist

Print makeup artists work closely with photographers and models hired by catalogues companies, magazines, fashion shows and editorials. When working with photographers, you will be asked to create a specific look they are trying to capture. When working with brands, you might be asked to create a makeup look using the products that they want to showcase. This is a lucrative career, and you will be getting lots of job opportunities in this field.

6. Beauty Blogger and Vlogger

Do you have a knack for writing? Do you love making video blogs? Are you an expert in makeup artistry and want to showcase your skills to everyone? If yes, then you can be a full-fledged beauty blogger or vlogger. The beauty industry has made many beauty bloggers into huge success stories. You could be the next top social media star! This is also another makeup career that you can pursue after taking makeup artistry classes.

7. Makeup Educator

Being a makeup trainer is both fun and rewarding, and it can also expose you to so many great opportunities. If you are a pro at makeup artistry, you can work as a makeup educator. You can become a makeup trainer at a makeup academy and take makeup artistry classes. You can pass on your knowledge to various makeup aspirants and help them become a successful makeup artist.

8. Celebrity Makeup Artist

Almost every makeup artist at least once in his or her lifetime dreams of doing the makeup of a celebrity. To become a celebrity makeup artist, along with skills, you will also need excellent networking skills. Remember, you will need an in-depth understanding of HD makeup to become a celebrity makeup artist.

These are some of the careers for a makeup artist. If you love doing makeup and want to build a career in the makeup industry, join a professional makeup course at MSTC – the best makeup academy in India.

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